Reasons to Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling

One of the most common services homeowners use when they plan to renovate their house is popcorn ceiling removal.  

Nowadays, you will not see popcorn ceilings in modern construction. There is a reason for that. First, the trends in home interior design have changed as time passed. A lot of people don’t consider the popcorn ceiling as an aesthetic or trendy feature. In addition to that, home builders know that a popcorn ceiling is simply a bad idea in the first place.  

If you’ve got a popcorn ceiling in your home, here are a couple of reasons why you should hire a popcorn ceiling removal Pleasanton CA company to remove it: 

Why Do Popcorn Ceilings Exist? 

During the 1930s, a lot of home builders used popcorn ceilings. The reason for this is that they’re cheaper and easier to install. It also enables them to hide flaws in the ceiling with its rough texture. Aside from that, they also believe that it can suppress noise. Thus, it was also known as acoustic ceilings. At the time, it appeared like an excellent idea. However, as time passed by, the preferences of clients have changed.  

By the 1990s, popcorn ceilings slowly became less and less popular in the construction industry. Even in remodeling projects, homeowners choose to remove them. Nowadays, almost every individual who lives in a house with popcorn ceilings prefers to remove them for a huge variety of reasons. This includes: 

You Can Easily Damage the Texture 

Have you tried cleaning your popcorn ceiling? If so, you perhaps noticed a couple of the popcorn bits falling to the floor. It does not require a lot of force to knock off those tiny bits. Aside from that, you might notice a huge patch falling down when popcorn ceilings come off. This will create a more unappealing sight in your ceiling. 

They Easily Become Discolored 

On almost every occasion, popcorn ceilings weren’t painted once they were installed. Because of this, any moisture that touches it will probably result in an ugly stain. Simply walk inside a house built during the 80s. You will notice that there is a huge contrast between the walls and the ceiling. Aside from that, popcorn ceilings also catch more dust. This is particularly true if it’s close to an AC vent. This makes your house appear dirty.  

They are Extremely Difficult to Clean 

Every surface and crevice traps dust and other airborne particles, such as cigarette smoke. This makes it very difficult to clean without causing damage. Also, if you want to paint your popcorn ceiling, you might have to apply more than 4 coats since it is extremely hard to fill in its surface.  

It Has an Outdated Appearance 

Since home builders stopped using popcorn ceiling many years ago, people associate it with older houses that haven’t been updated for quite a while. If you ask a realtor whether or not popcorn ceiling removal is a wise idea before you sell your house, they will recommend you to invest in a better ceiling.  

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